Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting is also called aluminium pressure casting that is a kind of metal casting technology which is to fill liquid aluminum metal into a mold or model to create a desired shape cast aluminum part. YS Rapid is an aluminum pressure die casting manufacturer specializing in aluminum die casting service. Our China aluminum pressure die casting is one of the most efficient way to produce detailed and complicated parts with large quantity. If you have any interest in China aluminum pdc, please click below to contact us for a quote.


  What Are The Advantages Of Wholesale Aluminum Die Casting Service?

1. Our custom pressure die casting services provide many important advantages, including:

2. Highly custom-made: It is beneficial for producing complex designs and features, making it easy and less cost to tailor casting to specific processing.

3. High efficiency: Aluminum alloy die casting allows  parts to be produced at higher rate than other metal alloys. A comprehensive robotic die-casting work cell further increases productivity.

4. Extremely Light weight and good strength: Aluminum casting parts offer a high value benefit of light weight and excellent strength.

5. Economy: Aluminum die casting parts are generally cheaper than other metal alloys and other machined parts.

6. Versatile and Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum die casting parts are very versatile and have the characteristic of super corrosion resistance.

7. Multiple surface finishes: can achieved various surface finishes, such as texture surface, smooth surface, also, do post processing surface finishes such as painting, plating, powder coating, etc. 

 Why Choose Our Wholesale Aluminium PDC High Pressure Die Casting Service?

  • Our aluminum die casting services has been help many customers from various industries to transform their product design to real products with high quality at lowest cost. Our professional staff, advanced equipment and rich combined experience in the field allow us to complete your aluminum casting parts completed with excellent quality at shortest time. 

  • As an all aluminum die casting manufacturer in China, YS provide you comprehensive services including assembly and testing of all die casting parts. Whether you are looking for special service such as aluminum die casting, or just want to do prototyping for your new design, YS offers a full range of manufacturing services to meet customer’s needs.

  • Experience the different custom precision machining services that YS Rapid provide. Request a quote today for aluminum die casting parts or any other machining parts, our team will get back to you shortly within 24 hours. 

 Many Application of Wholesale Aluminium PDC High Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum alloys have lots of processing advantages. They appear in in various applications to make many important components in a wide range of industries.

Automobile industry

In the automotive industry, aluminum die castings are well-suited for use because of their  properties such as durability and light weight alternatives to steel and iron. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes it ideal for transportable applications.

Furniture Products

Aluminum pdc part is not only light weight and corrosion resistant, it is also very strong and cheap. The furniture industry applies aluminum die casting technology to produce many furniture products, such as door handle, hinge, knob, and many other furniture metal parts. 

Aerospace Industry

Similar to the automotive industry, aircraft requires lightweight structural components and complex parts with high tensile strength. Aluminum die casting is ideal for aerospace because it is lightweight, durable, and can withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions, allows it fuel efficient.

Construction industry

Thanks to its strength and light weight, aluminum die castings are used to make window frames, roof superstructures and building frames, etc. Residential and commercial buildings, bridges and skyscrapers are also made from a wide variety of die castings.

Electronics industry

Rapid innovation in the consumer electronics industry requires a steady supply of flexible, lightweight, heat-resistant and durable precision components. In the electronics industry, everything from 5G base station housings to smartphones, drones, personal computers and consumer electronics are using aluminum die cast parts.

Mining equipment 

Aluminum die casting parts are used to manufacture a lot of components for mining and mineral processing equipment such as excavators, drills, crushers, and s on.


Aluminum die cast parts are used in various devices and systems in the healthcare industry. These products are found in virtually everything from diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to hospital beds to surgical instruments.

Agriculture Industry

Aluminum die casting is applied in manufacturing a variety of agriculture machines such as farm tractors and harvesters. Its durability and reliability make it an ideal choice for these demanding applications.

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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