Surface Finishing

Your part isn't actually finished until it goes through CNC machining surface precision finishing. No matter metal machined parts or plastic machined parts, from single prototype to big batch production, we have full range of CNC machining surface finish solutions for your choices to bring your project to completion.


Our Full Set of Professional CNC Machining Surface Finishing Services

We not only manufacture custom precision parts and  components, but also do them even better with comprehensive range of surface treatments to optimize its appearance, performance and durability. Take a look at our main surface finishes services for our prototype parts and machinery parts. 


Silkscreen and Pad Printing


Color Matching





Painting is widely used in surface treatment of plastic parts and metal parts. Painting can make the surface of the material get different colors and glossy states. The touch can be closer to the feel of use and different durability. Painting can also create surface protection effect such as resistance to hand sweat.

After the parts are painted, it can obtained following outstanding effect:

1. It can cover the surface defects of the formed parts;

2. Various colors can be obtained by painting

3. Improve the electrostatic performance of parts and reduce dust adsorption;

4. Enhanced the hardness and scratch resistance of parts;

5. Improve the weather resistance of plastic parts;

6. Adjust the gloss of the surface of the parts arbitrarily;

7. Some special paints such as sand texture paint and fluff paint can get better appearance and feel.

Silkscreen Printing

If you need your parts have complex graphics, silkscreen printing is an ideal solution to obtain the design pattern. Silk screen printing is the abbreviation of "screen printing". Screen printing is to stretch silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics or wire mesh on the screen frame, and adopts the method of manual engraving paint film or photochemical plate-making to make screen printing form. Modern screen printing technology is to use photosensitive materials to make screen printing plates by means of photographic plate making (so that the screen holes of the graphic part on the screen printing plate are through holes, and the screen holes of the non-graphic part are blocked. live).

Pat Printing

If it needs to print customer's brand name or logo on the surface of the product, how is it done? One method is to use pad printing. Pad printing is one of the special printing methods. It can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregular shaped objects, and is now becoming an important special printing. For example, the text and patterns on the surface of mobile phones are printed in this way, and the surface printing of many electronic products such as computer keyboards, instruments, and meters are all done by pad printing. Pad printing is very cheap and fast. However, pad printing is limited to one color at a time.


Sand blasting is a surface finishing process for machined metal parts. Compressed air is used as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material (copper ore, quartz sand, corundum, iron sand, sea sand) onto the surface of the workpiece to be treated at high speed so that the appearance or shape of the workpiece surface changes. Due to the impact and cutting effect of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece can obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece are improved, the adhesion between it and the coating is increased, and the coating is prolonged. The durability of the film is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the paint.

Color Matching

To achieve the excellent color scheme can be difficult. That's why we use advanced color spectrophotometers to accurately measure surface color, hue, and reflectance. This allows us to match your color swatches and apply Pantone or other RGB colors exactly to your specifications.


Anodizing is an electrolytic oxidation process that can be used in areas such as aluminum alloys and stainless steel. Thereby adding an oxide layer to these metal machined products. This protective layer can help metal products resist corrosion and play some decorative roles.

Anodized protective layer will bring good hardness to the metal surface. A good anodizing process will increase the wear resistance of the metal, thereby prolonging the service life. In particular, a porous oxide layer is formed on the surface. The surface after anodic oxidation has strong corrosion resistance. Because the layer formed after its anodic oxidation has a relatively stable chemical reaction. Not easily disturbed by some external elements. If it is surface treatment in other ways, it is easy to be corroded in some process environments.


Electroplating is the process of depositing metal or alloy on the surface of the workpiece by electrolysis to form a uniform, dense, and well-bonded metal layer, which is called electroplating.

During electroplating, the plated metal is used as the anode, which is oxidized into cations and enters the electroplating solution; the metal product to be plated is used as the cathode, and the cations of the plated metal are reduced on the metal surface to form a coating. In order to eliminate the interference of other cations and make the coating uniform and firm, it is necessary to use a solution containing metal cations as the electroplating solution to keep the concentration of metal cations in the coating unchanged. The purpose of electroplating is to plate a metal coating on the substrate to change the surface properties or dimensions of the substrate. Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (the plating metal is mostly made of corrosion-resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent wear, improve conductivity, Lubricity, heat resistance, and surface aesthetics.

YS Rapid is a precision machining service supplier who can provide various services electroplating services including but not limited to: Zinc plating, chrome plating, gold plating, copper plating, etc.  

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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