Injection Mould Tooling

China plastic injection mold tooling is the most widely production way to manufacture plastic parts, especially when making bigger batch quantities. With our well trained mold makers,  experienced mold designers & project manager, and advanced equipment such as high speed CNC, mirror EDM, precision wire cutting, etc, YS takes its pride in providing its customers all aspects of prototype injection mold tooling & injection molding services, including mold design, rapid prototyping tooling, production injection tooling, and plastic injection mold tooling production. Having a New Design? Let us be your China plastic injection mold tooling manufacturer in China to help you realize your project into great physical product.


Mould Tooling & Injection Molding Services Which YS Rapid Help You:

  • Engineering: Product Design/mold flow analysis/DFM/Injection mold design.

  • Mold Making: Custom Rapid Tooling/Custom production injection mould tooling.

  • Injection Molding: Prototyping injection molding/small volume production/Injection molding mass production.

  • Secondary processing: Painting, skill printing, assembly.

Rapid Tooling Making - Prototype Mold Making & Low-volume Production

Rapid tooling is also called prototype tooling, prototyping mold, prototype mold, which is a combination of precision rapid prototyping techniques and traditional mould tooling technology to rapidly produce the mould tool. Rapid Tooling is used for the production of bigger quantities (1K-5Kpcs) of injection molded parts. It is a great tool for prototyping and low-volume production. Rapid tooling is fast mold making (sometimes just 1-2weeks) and is low cost mold making by simplifying the mold design and with less expensive materials, such as aluminum, soft steel, stock mold base and components, the material used is based on the type of resin, the quantity of the parts need, size and characteristics of the parts, etc. Rapid Tooling can produce around 5K-10K shots fully quality functional injection molded parts in standard engineering plastics, such parts are useful for prototypes, design validation, and even end product use. It is an important manufacturing tool in rapid prototyping and low-volume production. At YS, our technical expert will thoroughly consider each requirements and will suggest the most cost effective &short-time manufacturing way to your projects. 

What is Production Injection Mould Tooling?

Production injection mould tooling mainly refers to high volume plastic injection mold tooling which can withstand the rigors of mass production and meanwhile keeping part shapes and dimension in tolerance on every finished molded parts. It needs mold manufacturers to integrate the best mold steels, mold flow analysis, excellent mold design, precise machining, etc to build high quality molds that can guarantee millions of shots quality molding parts production in a short cycle time.

For over ten years, we have been providing high volume injection mould tooling to support your mass production injection molding projects. Our injection mould tooling solutions includes comprehensive service of mold design, mold manufacturing, repairs, maintenance, etc. Our tools are manufactured under our advanced machining centers such as high-speed CNC milling machines, precision EDM, precision wire-cutting, etc.

DFM ANALYSIS, Mold Flow Analysis

At YS Rapid, the DFM (design for manufacturing analysis) is a helpful service for product design & mold design review. Our experienced engineers will review the feasibility of your part and make a professional full DFM analysis before mold design, including draft angle analysis, gate type & location, runner system (hot runner/cold runner), parting line, features needs sliders/lifters, under-cuts, wall thickness, and sink, and for some big and complex parts, may need to do moldflow analysis to assist.

Injection Mold Design

One of the most important reason of making an injection mold is that it is capable of producing millions of parts, and Mold Design is a most important step of plastic mould making, which directly affect the lifetime of the mold, injection molding cycle, injection molded part's dimension tolerance, appearance, etc. To ensure the best solution for the mold making, our experienced injection mold designers consider thoroughly all the elements and work collaboratively with customers to determine details such as injection gates, runner system, cooling system, injection mold components, material shrinkage, mold's moving mechanisms, etc. All tools are meticulously designed and manufactured to minimize their production cycle and maximize their lifespan.

Why Use Plastic Injection Mould Tooling and Moulding?

As injection mold tooling can repeatedly produce plastic products with complex structures and shapes with high production efficiency, uniform shape and precise sizes, injection mould tooling has become an important tool for high-efficiency and low-cost production in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the level of a country's mold industry has become an important indicator of its manufacturing level. At the same time, mold quality is also the main factor affecting product quality. Following are listing important advantages of injection mould tooling:

1. High precision

As a highly accurate processing approach, the plastic injection molding process is able to be used to produce diversified plastic parts of almost any types. Though certain design restrictions do exist, the injection molds are made to ensure the great precision of the molded products. As a matter of fact, the precision of the finished products can be kept within +-0.05mm in tolerance.

2. High efficiency

Just like fast injection molding, plastic injection molding is  also known as one of the most commonly used technologies for long production periods because it is very fast. But, how fast? Though its production speed may be dependent on the complexity of the mold structure, there is only about 15 to 30 seconds interval between cycle times.

3. It saves the labor cost

The injection molding equipment requires minimal human supervision, of which the reason is that they usually work with a self-gating and full automatic tool, so as to realize streamlined operation and continuous production.

4. Highly resourceful

Nowadays, a lot of attention is paid to sustainability, so it is very common for product developers to opt for a process that would help with environmental protection and waste elimination. Not only is the plastic injection molding a highly efficient and effective process, it is also very resourceful. The reasons are i. only the needed amount of plastics is used to produce the desired product; ii) excessive materials will be recycled for further use.

5. Flexibility 

In addition, the plastic injection mold making process is not only accurate, it also features great flexibility. It means that it is very easy for us to change the material type as well as the color for our production once we made a mold. also when you want to change the shape of the product, we just need to remove or add some steel to achieve it.

6. Lighter and cheaper

The density of the plastic material is much lower than metal, and plastic injection molding is one-time shaping process without second machining. so it is much cheaper than metal.

7. High quality

As we all know, injection mold manufacturing pays attention to details in the process of building and controls the material matching of the mold throughout the process. Moreover, the injection mold is manufactured without internal stress and has a tight structure, so the overall quality of the injection mold is very stable and high.

8. Multiple types of design

Because each step of injection mold manufacturing is designed and disassembled separately, and various types of molds must be selected according to customer needs in the early stage. This allows users to choose the appropriate type and shape in terms of required design, and manufacturers can also design and manufacture according to customer needs. Compared with rigid molds, there are many options for injection mold manufacturing, and the design is flexible and changeable.

Why Work with YS Rapid for Your Injection Mould Tooling Project?

Whether you are looking for manufacturer of rapid tooling for small volume production, or production injection mould tooling for series production and transfer the mold to your country, here are some of the reasons why you should use YS for your mould tooling: 

Professional Project Management: Professional project management process and skilled project managers ensure the progress of every project smoothly.

Strict quality control: Every process of the project is monitored and controlled by our professional system and quality and project management team.

Rich Experience: We have more than ten years of experience in mold design, mould making,  production, and R&D capability.

High Quality: Advanced CNC, EDM, CMM equipment, injection machines, and professional & experienced people to ensure the high quality of your project.

Confidentiality: we encourage signing Non-Disclosure Agreements with customer, as this helps protect both parties. 

Mould Ownership: Customers have the true ownership of their molds even if the injection mould tools are kept in our mold factory in China. Customer can see it, or take it away to the address they want. 

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

Upload your 3D and 2D drawings to us, and a quotation will be provided to you within 24 hours. Also our sales engineer will contact you directly regarding your rapid prototype and cnc machinery parts quote to ensure you have received the quotation and to answer your questions.

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