Sheet Metal Cutting

What is Sheet Metal Laser Cutting?

With the development of the world and new innovation, the need for custom machined parts and custom metal plate cutting parts continues to expand in many industries. New products requiring custom sheet metal cutting service to build specifically for the purpose, are in high demand.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting is a cutting process uses the energy released when a laser beam hits the surface of a steel plate to melt and evaporate stainless steel. The laser source generally uses a carbon dioxide laser beam, and the working power is 500~2500 watts. This power level is lower than that required for many household electric heaters, however, through lenses and mirrors, the laser beam is concentrated in a small area. The high concentration of energy enables rapid local heating to evaporate the stainless steel. In addition, because the energy is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transferred to other parts of the steel, there is little or no deformation on the part, and the use of laser can very accurately cut complex shapes of blanks, and the cut blanks do not need to be further processed.

Our Sheet Metal Cutting Services

Steel Laser Cutting----In this type of service, we can profile steel of various thickness, from the thinnest to different thicknesses steel plates.

Custom Laser Cutting Services – This may include various materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Brass, Satin Coated and Galvanized,etc. In every type of metal laser cutting, we can produce customized profiles or production parts as per customer's drawing's requirements.


Advantages of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services

1. High precision: positioning accuracy 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy 0.02 mm

2. Narrow slit: the laser beam is focused into a very small light spot, so that the focal point reaches a high power density, and the material is quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, evaporating to form holes. As the beam moves relatively linearly with the material, the holes continuously form narrow width gaps. The incision width is generally 0.10~0.20mm.

3. Smooth cutting surface: no burr on the cutting surface, and the roughness of the incision surface is generally controlled within Ra12.5.

4. Fast speed: the cutting speed can reach 10m/min, and the maximum positioning speed can reach 70m/min, which is much faster than the speed of wire cutting.

5. Good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is very little affected by heat, there is basically no thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid the collapse edge formed when the material is punched and sheared, and the cutting seam generally does not need secondary processing.

6. No damage to the workpiece: the laser cutting machine will not contact with the surface of the material to ensure that the workpiece is not scratched.

7. Not affected by the hardness of the material to be cut: the laser can process steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide, etc., no matter what kind of hardness, it can be cut without deformation.

8. Not affected by the shape of the workpiece: laser processing is flexible, can process any pattern, can cut pipes and other profiles.

9. Non-metals can be cut and processed: such as plastic, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, plexiglass, etc.

10. Save mold investment: laser processing does not need molds, no mold consumption, no need to repair molds, save mold replacement time, thereby saving processing costs, reducing production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

11. Material saving: using computer programming, different shapes of products can be cut into the whole board material to maximize the utilization rate of materials.

12. Improve the speed of new product development: After the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and the physical product of the new product can be obtained in the shortest possible time.

Why Choose Our Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services

  • Laser Cutting is an important process in custom sheet metal fabrication services. It is widely used in each industries. YS Rapid’s expert workers can provide high quality laser cutting services in China to customers from all over the world. You can get many advantages from our laser cutting services. 

  • Low Price: We use state of the art manufacturing processes and have adapted principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement to achieved economical production. 

  • High Efficiency: As there is no setting time, our machines can run 24/7. 

  • Flexibility: Now matter how unusual the the shape, our technology enable us to cut it with inexpensive cutting services. 

  • High Accuracy: We can achieve high accuracy at around +-0.05mm in our laser cutting services.

  • Extensive surface finishes: Our turnkey services allow us to provide various surface finishes for Sheet Metal Cutting Parts: Abrade polishing, Plating, Passivation,  Anodizing, Painting, and so on. 

  • No minimum quantities, from 1 pieces to more, international shipping. 

Knowledge About Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service  

1. What factors will affect the absorption of laser energy by processing materials?

When laser cutting the material, the substance will absorb laser energy. Due to the different internal structure and composition of the material, the absorption of laser light is also different. The wavelength of the laser, the conductivity of the material, the surface roughness, and the coating all affect the absorption of laser energy by the material.

2. How to deal with abnormal sparks when cutting low carbon steel?

This situation will affect the processing quality of the cut section finish of the part. In the case of no replacement of new nozzles, the pressure of the cutting working gas should be increased.

3. What are the factors affecting the incomplete cutting through state of the laser?

The choice of laser head nozzle does not match the thickness of the processed plate; the laser cutting line speed is too fast, and operation control is required to reduce the line speed.

4. When laser cutting and processing stainless steel and aluminum-zinc coated sheets, under what circumstances will the workpiece have burrs?

First, consider the factors of burrs when cutting low-carbon steel, but you cannot simply increase the cutting speed, because sometimes the plate will not be cut through when the speed is increased, which is especially prominent when processing aluminum-zinc coated plates. At this time, other factors of the machine tool should be considered comprehensively, such as whether the nozzle needs to be replaced, the guide rail movement is unstable, etc.

5. What are the solutions to burrs when laser cutting low carbon steel?

The upper and lower positions of the laser focus are incorrect. You need to test the focus position and adjust it according to the offset of the focus. If the output power of the laser is not enough, you need to check whether the laser generator is working normally. If it is normal, observe the laser control button. Whether the output value is correct or not, adjust it; the cutting line speed is too slow, you need to increase the line speed during operation control; the purity of the cutting gas is not enough, you need to provide high-quality cutting working gas; the laser focus shifts, you need to do a focus position test , adjust according to the offset of the focus; the machine tool needs to be shut down and restarted due to instability caused by too long running time.

6. How to choose the puncture point in laser cutting?

Generally, when the design part has no roughness requirements for the surface cutting fracture, you can not do manual processing during laser cutting programming, and let the control software automatically generate the puncture point; however, when the design has a high When the roughness is required, this problem must be noticed. Usually, it is necessary to manually adjust the starting position of the laser beam when programming the laser cutting program, that is, manually control the puncture point. It is necessary to move the puncture point originally generated by the laser program to a reasonable position to meet the requirements for the surface accuracy of the processed parts.

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