Aluminum Machining Products & Parts

Machining type: CNC Machining, CNC Milling

Machining material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Machining tolerance: +-0.03

Machined prototype lead time: 3-5 working days

Small batch machining lead time: 15-20days

Surface roughness: 0.8-3.2

Annual capacity: 300000 pcs

Services available: OEM services, precision machining, CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC lathing, rapid prototype, vacuum casting, silicone molding prototyping, etc.


Things Need To Notice in CNC Machining of Aluminum Machining Products & Parts

Aluminum CNC machining belongs to precision quality machining, and the following issues should be paid attention to in the CNC machining of aluminum products/parts:

1. Adjust the machining accuracy.

CNC machine tools are the carrier of aluminum CNC machining. Ensuring the accuracy of CNC machine tools is an important basis.

2. Choose the right cutting tool.

The cutting tool is the most important thing in CNC machining. A good cutting tool can get twice the result with half the effort. High-speed steel knives and special aluminum alloy knives are ideal choices for custom CNC machining of aluminum parts.

3. Adjusting appropriate speed.

When processing aluminum parts, the tool speed should be high-speed, high-feed processing method, and the margin should be less. Because aluminum alloy is relatively soft compared to steel, it is easy to stick to the knife when the speed is low, and it will also reduce the processing efficiency. If it is finishing machining, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the aluminum machined parts, and the feed can be appropriately reduced.

4. Select the appropriate cutting fluid.

Although the cutting fluid is only an auxiliary material in aluminum machining, the selection of cutting fluid is also very important. Aluminum machining should use semi-synthetic cutting fluid, which helps to discharge smoothly.

5. Reduce the amount of deformation after machining.

Such problems are often encountered in aluminum CNC machining. The accuracy is very high when the size is measured just after machining, but a slight deformation occurs after a while. Although it cannot be seen with the eyes, it can be found that the dimensional tolerance has become larger with a measurement tool. This situation is a kind of stress deformation. In order to reduce stress deformation, we need to reduce vibration during machining. After rough machining, a process of eliminating internal stress is added before precision machining. This can help ease the amount of machining distortion.

Applications of Aluminum Machining Products & Parts

  • Smart device parts.

  • 3C products components.

  • Precision machined components of medical devices.

  • Precision machined pars for automotive.

  • Precision mechanical parts.

  • Power tools components.

  • Led lighting components.

  • Precision metal parts for other equipment.

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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