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As a professional custom manufacturing company, we provide full services of cnc machining solutions for our clients. This includes cnc machining services, cnc machining prototyping, production, surface finishing capabilities. 

We have extensive experience in processing a wide range of materials in plastic and metal. Our advanced CNC 3 axis machining enables us to machine precise machined parts to meet the specific needs from our customers. Our experts can help you achieve a cost-effective solution with high quality for your parts machining.


What Is 3 Axis CNC Machining?

1. 3-axis CNC machining is the simplest and most commonly used CNC machining parts service. This process uses a rotating tool that moves along 3 axes to machine a stationary workpiece.

2. The cutting tool moves along the X, Y, and Z axes to trim material from the workpiece. Additionally, it can even move along these multiple axes simultaneously to create the desired design.

3. This means that CNC machines can cut into the workpiece from side to side, front to back, up and down. However, the table holding the workpiece cannot move freely.

How Does 3-axis CNC Machining Services Work?

  • Firstly, check the integrity of the workpiece and fix the workpiece on the table with a suitable clamping method.

  • Secondly, Compile the tool path according to the product digital model, first simulate the processing, and repeatedly optimize the tool path to ensure High machining accuracy and small error.

  • Thirdly, input the tool path into the CNC system of the machine tool to produce G code instructions for operation and machining.

  • Fourthly, after the machining process is completed, measure/ inspect the dimension accuracy of the the part. Optimize the tool & tool path. 

  • Finally, standardize the tool path of this type of product to realize mass production.3-axis machining center runs stably and ensures long-term use.

What Are The Benefits of 3-axis CNC Machining?

Although more advanced systems are available in the industry today, 3-axis CNC machining is still widely used because of its various advantages:

  • Low cost

    3-axis CNC machining is best for quick production of basic geometries and simple parts.There are several ways to reduce time and increase efficiency in 3-axis CNC machining. The setting allows the cutter to move only in sections of the material to be cut. This design made by precision machining suppliers prevents the cutter from passing over the material into the air, which wastes time and reduces efficiency.

  • Versatility

    3-axis CNC machining is a highly versatile part manufacturing process. Drilling, milling and even turning can be performed by simply changing the tool.These machines also integrate automatic tool changers, extending their capabilities.

3 Axis CNC Machining Materials We Deal With

AluminumAluminum is one of the most widely used material for 3-axis cnc machining, as it offers bunches of advantages like corrosion resistant, electrical conductivity, light weight, outstanding durability, low cost for machining a variety of parts in a wide range of industries.
Stainless SteelStainless steel has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance, only second to titanium, also it is heat resistant, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant and even ultra-low temperature resistant. It is also widely applied in many fields’ product machining.
TitaniumTitanium has lots of advantages, it is mostly applied in medical industries to manufacture complicated parts with complex designs. This material is strong, adaptable, consistent, and not interfere with the human immune system.



Teflon is has superior characteristics of non-stick, heat resistance,moisture resistance,wear resistance,corrosion resistance. It is also commonly used material for cnc machining & 3 axis cnc machining.
PEEKPEEK is a kind of special engineering plastic with excellent performance, Biocompatibility, low flammability, high insulation, wear resistance, good self-lubrication, etc. PEEK machining parts are widely applied in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, electrical and electronic industries.
BrassMany industries require brass parts because of their good strength, corrosion resistance, good machining performance, wear resistance, etc. We select high quality brass material for machining your 3-axis machined parts.

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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