Silicone Rubber Prototypes Manufacturing

Production methods: Moulding

Type: Custom Silicone Rubber Prototype

Material Capabilities: Silicone, Rubber

Service type: Silicone Rubber Parts Prototyping, Silicone Rubber Parts Moulding

Color: Customized color as per customer request

Hardness: 20-90Shore A

OEM/ODM Silicone Prototype Manufacturers: Support Customized Service

Delivery day: 3-5days

Package: Carton Box, or Customized Package


Descriptions of Silicone Rubber Prototypes Manufacturing

Product name

Silicone Rubber Rapid Prototype

Production methods

Compression Moulding, PU Casting

Available materials

NBR FKM EPDM CR Silicone etc.

Service type

Small batch rapid prototyping Service, Silicone rubber parts prototyping

Surface finishes

Smooth, texture

Drawing format



Over ten years of experience in custom prototype manufacturing for rapid prototype silicone parts

Quality control

100% inspection before delivery


Custom Size


Custom shape


Custom Color

Lead time

3-5 days for Small volume silicone parts moulding, 14+days for mass production

Silicone Rubber Prototypes Manufacturing Process

YS Rapid, one of the outstanding silicone prototype manufacturers and rubber prototype manufacturers, has been working to continually optimize the silicone rubber prototyping process as a critical part of the production process. Silicone rubber is a popular material for prototyping due to its flexibility, durability, and ability to reproduce fine details. Here are the steps to create a silicone rubber prototype:

Create a 3D model of your prototype using computer-aided design (CAD) software or sculpt it by hand.

Use the 3D model to create a mold of the prototype. You can make the mold using a variety of materials, such as clay, plaster, or silicone rubber.

Mix the silicone rubber according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some silicone rubbers require mixing with a catalyst or hardener.

Pour the silicone rubber into the mold and allow it to cure. The curing time will depend on the specific silicone rubber being used.

Once the silicone rubber has cured, remove it from the mold. You should now have a replica of your prototype.

Inspect the silicone rubber prototype for any defects or imperfections. If necessary, make adjustments to your 3D model or mold and repeat the process.

If you are satisfied with the silicone rubber prototype, you can use it to create a final product or make additional copies using the same mold.

Keep in mind that creating silicone rubber prototypes can be a time-consuming process, especially if you need to make multiple iterations. However, it can be a cost-effective way to test your designs and ensure that your final product meets your specifications.

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

Upload your 3D and 2D drawings to us, and a quotation will be provided to you within 24 hours. Also our sales engineer will contact you directly regarding your rapid prototype and cnc machinery parts quote to ensure you have received the quotation and to answer your questions.

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