Low-Volume Aluminum Machining

Type: Low-Volume Aluminum Machining Parts

Manufacturing techniques: CNC Milling, CNC lathing, CNC Turning, Polishing, Color Anodizing

Material:  AL 6061-T6

Quantity: 100sets

Surface Finishing: Polishing, Black Anodizing

Lead Time: 14 Working Days


Application of Low-Volume Aluminum Machining

This aluminum machining part has many features on the surface, assembled with three parts. The parts needs to by machined by CNC, machined the holes and tapped threads. It took around 14 days for the whole precision quality machining process from ordering material, programming to machining all the parts. A small Teflon part assembled part was machined by CNC lathing, meanwhile, the inside feature of the body was machined by CNC; Then two parts assembled together and fitting well with a silicone membrane(by silicone molding) to seamlessly assembly between parts.

After parts machining, aluminum machined parts had to be polished by polishing machine and by hand with sand paper. Then the machined parts were taken to do black anodizing.

After one week's delivery, we received feedback from customers that the parts have been assembled and tested successfully in the newly equipment in USA.

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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