High Quality China Metal CNC Machining Service Parts

High Quality China Metal CNC Machining Service Parts

For over ten years, YS Rapid has been working with customers from all over the world to produce their high-quality metal precision CNC machining parts for rapid prototypes, small-volume and big-volume production. We have been serving customers from various industries including electronics, automotive, consumer products, robotics, marine and many other industries with our on-time delivery of quality metal CNC precision machining parts.

As a metal CNC machining manufacturer, YS Rapid is committed to manufacturing metal precision CNC machining parts and metal CNC Machining Prototypes from a wide array of metal materials. Whether you need a single prototype, small batch production, or big batch production, we all finish it seriously on time with high quality.

Types of Metal CNC Machining

  • CNC Machining Brass

    CNC Machining Brass

    YSRAPID.COM supply an extensive range of CNC machining brass parts to many customers around the world. We produce precise CNC machining brass parts, complex CNC machined brass parts, and CNC turning brass parts with high dimension tolerance.
  • CNC Machining Copper

    CNC Machining Copper

    YS Rapid provides an array of customized CNC Machining Copper Parts, CNC turning copper parts to global customers for many applications.
  • CNC Machining Aluminum

    CNC Machining Aluminum

    We are committed to providing OEM customers with custom CNC machining services to help customers get the best quality CNC Machining Aluminum parts.
  • CNC Machining Stainless Steel

    CNC Machining Stainless Steel

    We produce high quality CNC machining stainless steel parts, stainless steel machined parts, stainless steel turned parts for innovative companies.
  • China Superior Customized Metal CNC Machining Services

    What is Metal CNC Machining

    Metal CNC machining is the process of removing metal material from the workpiece to the required geometry, dimension, and surface finish through various machining processes such as CNC machining, milling, turning, drilling, electrical discharge machining, and wire cutting, complying with product specification requirements.

    With advanced machining equipment and expert team, we are able to offer precision metal cnc machining services capable of making custom complex metal parts with strict tolerances.

    Our Metal CNC Machining Services include Metal Prototyping and low-volume custom metal machining, high volume metal machining with special expertise in CNC aluminum machining, stainless steel machining, copper machining, brass machining and other metal materials,as well as an array of secondary processing.

  • What is the process of Metal CNC Machining Service?

    Before CNC Machining the metal components, there are several steps that need to be performed.

    Metal CNC Machining Steps:

    Design part models utilizing CAD software

    Generate G-code from models using CAM software

    Analyze what type of processing is required

    Perform cnc machining machining of the parts

    After the parts are completed, surface treatment is carried out according to the requirements, such as anodizing, painting, silk screen printing, laser engraving, etc.

Materials Available for Our Metal CNC Machining Services

As a metal CNC machining manufacturer, YS Rapid can process a broad scope of Metal Materials for manufacturing Metal CNC machined parts from any complexity and size. Here we are listing some of the common used metal materials in the table below:

A Broad Range of Materials for Metal CNC Machining Services
AluminumStainless SteelBrassCopperIron
AL6063SS316C35600etc1214 / 1215
Carbon steel
4140 / 4130



Comprehensive Surface Finishes for Metal CNC Machining Parts

Surface FinishesMaterials
As MachinedAll metal machined parts
SmoothedAll Metal machined parts
Powder CoatedAluminum, Steel Machined parts
BrushingAluminum/Steel Machined Parts
Anodize Clear Or ColorAluminum/Titanium Alloys machined parts
ElectroplateAluminum, Steel machined parts

What YS Rapid Can Do For Your Metal CNC Machining?

Our metal CNC machining services produce metal prototypes that help you test the appearance, fit and assemble your product design before turning into mass production. 

Our facility is equiped with multiple advanced cnc milling machines, cnc turning machines. We are able to undertake most metal cnc machining projects and deliver with short lead times.

Our multi-axis CNC machining parts service enables us to manufacture precision mechanical parts  with more complicated geometries. 

We utilize flexible manufacturing ways and keep our machine shop open 24/7, which enables our CNC machining services to produce custom metal parts faster.

YS Rapid also offers comprehensive surface treatment services to meet your various product needs. Once your metal machined parts are completed, we will carry out corresponding surface finishes for your metal parts according to your requirements.

FAQ for Metal CNC Machining Services


What is the lead time for Metal CNC Machining?

The exact lead time depends on your parts specification and quantity. The normal lead time is 5 days for small volume manufacturing of metal cnc machining pats. 


How to have my metal cnc parts quoted ?

Please contact us via our hotline, whatsapp  or Email and send us your drawings inclusive of 2D and 3D (.STEP or .IGE file) and detail requirements. Then our engineering team will analyse the cost of your part and submit competitive quotation to you.


Can you accept sample order of metal machined parts?

Yes, we can do sample order per your requirement.


What kind of metal material you can machine?

Our Metal CNC Machining materials are normally aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Copper, but some times we also cnc machining Titanium alloy, and other special metal materials. 


What tolerances can you achieve?

There are not a fixed of tolerances that suitable all manufacturing ways and materials, for every cnc machining manufacturing, the final tolerances will depend on various elements factors, including but not limited to:

  • Part dimension

  • Part geometry

  • The features of the parts

  • Machining Material(s)

  • Surface treatment

  • Manufacturing process

FAQ for Metal CNC Machining Services
Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

Upload your 3D and 2D drawings to us, and a quotation will be provided to you within 24 hours. Also our sales engineer will contact you directly regarding your rapid prototype and cnc machinery parts quote to ensure you have received the quotation and to answer your questions.

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