CNC Machining Brass

Brass is an object made of an alloy of copper and zinc. The melting point of brass with a copper content of 56%~68% is 934~967 degrees. Brass has excellent mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. So brass is a good material for manufacturing cnc machining parts. Brass machining parts, brass turning parts are widely manufactured for precision instruments, boat parts, gun cartridges, auto parts, medical accessories, and electrical accessories and so on. YS Rapid is a professional cnc machining brass factory specializing in custom machining brass. If you are interested, please contact us.


Advantages Of Customized CNC Machining Brass Parts

1. Brass cnc machining parts have good strength, good plasticity, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing. Used for condensation and heat dissipation pipes, siphon pipes, serpentine pipes, and cooling equipment parts.

2. CNC Machining brass parts adopt advanced metal precision CNC machining technology and have extremely good plasticity and high strength, good cutting performance, easy to weld, very stable to general corrosion, but easy to crack.

3. Custom machining brass parts have good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot state, and good plasticity in cold state

4. CNC milling brass parts have high strength, toughness, good anti-friction properties, and high corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and sea water. Used to make structural parts that work under friction and seawater corrosion conditions.

What are Common Types of CNC Machining Brass? And What are Their Properties and Application Fields

Brass is common in plumbing fittings, home decor, and musical instruments, mainly because of its soft material and easy workability. Brass' high polish is often found in cosmetic applications and is a good material for home decoration. It also does not spark when struck with another metal, making it ideal for use in potentially explosive environments. Lead was previously added to free-cutting brass to aid in machining. With the improvement of machinability, lead is now rarely contained. Corrosion-resistant brass is usually more difficult to machine than free-cutting brass, but it can be highly polished and is also resistant to seawater corrosion.

Below are some common machined brass material's properties and applications:

  • H96: H96 brass is composed of 96% copper and 4% zinc alloy

    Properties: It has good cold and hot processing performance, suitable for extrusion, pressing, stamping, drawing, forging and other processing methods, easy to weld and tin-plated; it has high corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and light, and has no tendency to stress corrosion cracking.

    Application field; H96 brass is generally used in currency; souvenirs; stamps;

  • H90: H90 brass is composed of 90% copper and 10% zinc alloy

    Properties: H90 brass has good mechanical properties and hot and cold pressure processing performance, basically the same as H96. H90 brass is also suitable for upsetting, rolling engraving and hot forging, etc. It has good corrosion resistance and can be gold-plated and enamel-coated.

    Application filed: H90 brass is generally used for cnc machining and lathing decorations products, medals, marine parts, rivets, waveguides, water tank straps, battery covers, water pipes, bimetallic products, etc.

  • H85: H85 brass is composed of 85% copper and 15% zinc alloy

    Properties: It has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, excellent cold working performance and good thermoformability.

    Application filed: H85 copper is widely used manufacturing architectural decoration, micro seals, corrugated pipes, serpentine pipes, water pipes, condenser and heat exchanger pipes, cooling equipment parts and other industries.

  • H70: H70 brass is composed of 70% copper and 30% zinc

    Properties: It has relatively low plasticity and low strength, good cold formability, easy welding, good corrosion resistance, and is very sensitive to stress corrosion cracking in ammonia atmosphere.

    Application field: H70 brass is widely used cnc machining sign labels, embossing, battery caps, musical instruments, flexible hoses, pump tubes, bellows, house construction supplies, etc.

  • H68: H68 brass is composed of 68% copper and 32% zinc

    Properties: It has good plasticity and relatively low strength, good machinability, easy welding, corrosion resistance, and good cold and hot processing performance.

    Application Field: H68 brass is widely used in manufacturing a range of cold stamping parts, radiator shells, bellows, guide tubes, doors, lamps, etc.

  • H65: H65 brass is composed of 65% copper and 35% zinc

    Properties: It has sufficient mechanical properties and process properties, good cold and hot pressure processing performance, and golden color.

    Application field: It is widely used in machining various hardware products, lighting, pipe fittings, zippers, plaques, rivets, springs, settlement over

    Filters etc.

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