Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Steel sheet metal fabrication is the process of making steel sheet metal parts and structures with required shapes and dimension through steel sheet metal cutting, sheet metal stamping, sheet metal forming, sheet metal welding and other steel plate fabrication processes. Steel Sheet metal parts are applied in many instruments and products. 

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Common Steel Materials for Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

There are many kinds of steel plates for sheet metal fabrication process, the most common of which are cold-rolled steel sheet(SPCC) and hot-rolled steel sheet(SHCC), which is widely used in the manufacture of sheet metal parts and sheet metal boxes. Cold rolling and hot rolling are two different steel rolling technologies. As the name suggests, cold rolling is to roll steel at normal temperature. This kind of steel has high hardness. Hot rolling is the rolling of steel under high temperature conditions. This steel has low hardness. 

The Main Differences Between Cold Rolled Sheet and Hot Rolled Sheet

  • Surface gloss difference

    Cold-rolled sheet: The surface has a certain glossiness, and it feels smoother to the touch, similar to the very common steel water cup used for drinking water. the

    Hot-rolled sheet: If it is not pickled, it is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel sheets on the market. The rusted surface is red, and the unrusted surface is purple-black (iron oxide scale).

  • Accuracy difference

    The precision of the cold-rolled plate is higher, and the thickness difference of the cold-rolled strip does not exceed 0.01~0.03mm. While hot rolled plate 0.02mm~0.04mm

  • The thickness difference

    The thickness of the cold-rolled plate is thinner, and the thinnest cold-rolled steel strip can be rolled to 0.001mm; While hot rolling is now the thinnest up to 0.78mm.

  • Surface quality difference

    The surface quality of the cold-rolled sheet is superior, and the cold-rolled sheet can even produce a mirror surface; while the surface of the hot-rolled sheet has defects such as scale and pitting.

  • The hardness difference

    Cold-rolled sheet has high hardness and is relatively difficult to process, but it is not easy to deform and has high strength. While the the hot-rolled sheet has low hardness, easy processing and good ductility.

  • The strength difference:

    Cold-rolled sheet: high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally a thin sheet, which can be used as a sheet for stamping.

    Hot-rolled plate: The strength of hot-rolled plate is relatively low, the surface quality is poor (oxidized, low finish), and the plasticity is good. It is generally a medium-thick plate.

  • The mechanical characteristic

    Cold-rolled sheet: Due to a certain degree of work hardening, the cold-rolled steel plate has low toughness, but it can achieve a better yield ratio, and is used to cold-bend parts such as spring sheets. At the same time, because the yield point is closer to the tensile satrength, there is no risk of danger during use. Predictability, prone to accidents when the load exceeds the allowable load.

    Hot-rolled sheet: The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel sheets are far inferior to those of cold-worked and forged, but they have better toughness and ductility.

    Generally speaking, Cold rolled steel sheet have better surface, accuracy and mechanical properties than hot rolled steel sheet. every steel sheet has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which steel plate fabrication material depends on the application requirements of your product.

Advantages of Steel Sheet Metal Manufacturing

  • Steel plate fabrication is a low cost sheet metal fabrication compared to many other materials’ fabrication.

  • Steel plates can be easily formed and welded, and can also can do heat treatment

  • Steel sheet metal parts can be subjected to a variety of surface treatments.

  • Wide range of applications. Steel sheet metal parts are widely used in products such as heavy instruments, electronic products and home appliances.

  • Steel plates are available in a wide selection of material grades. Each material has different properties and uses.

Sheet Metal Company – Steel Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

YS Rapid is one of Chinese precision machining suppliers that specializes in custom steel sheet metal fabrication and processing, using advanced sheet metal cutting, sheetmetal forming, precision sheet metal bending, Steel welding and assembly processes to create steel sheet metal parts. Over ten years of experience provide expertise in steel sheet metal fabrication, as well as an understanding of a wide variety of materials and surface treatments. This enables us to ensure that the design requirements of our customers are met or exceeded. Our professional team is ready to give you relevant advice during the design process.   

Why Choose Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

  • Small/low MOQ (1 prototype) is accepted.

  • Rich experience and good technical support.

  • 100% inspection before delivery.

  • Produce your sheet metal parts to precise standards.

  • Customized service, choose the most suitable sheet metal processing method for you.

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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