Brass CNC Turning Service Precision CNC Turned Brass Accessories

Turning material: Brass

Machining Processing: Precision CNC Turning, CNC Lathing, CNC Tapping ,

Surface treatment: Metal plating

Processing tolerance: ±0.03mm

Service Types: Brass machining service, brass turning service, brass lathing, brass cnc machining

Product Type: CNC Turned Brass Components

Packing: PE bag or customized, wooden box or carton or customized

Product size: custom machining according to customer drawings


Description of Our Brass CNC Turning Service Precision CNC Turned Brass Accessories

Part Name

Precision Brass CNC Turning Parts

Manufacturing Process

CNC Turning, CNC Lathe

CNC Machining Materials

Brass, Copper

CNC Machining tolerance


Surface Finishes

Polishing, electroplating

Drawing format


Industry Experience

10+ years experience in rapid prototyping and cnc machining service


CNC lathed brass parts for electronic instruments

Quality control

Inspecting during processing, and make 100% inspection before shipping

Lead time

For cnc lathed prototypes: within 3 days.

For mass production of cnc turned parts: 14-20 days

Applications of Brass CNC Turning Service Precision CNC Turned Brass Accessories

Brass machined parts and brass turned parts are made of brass which is machined to exact specifications with CNC machine and CNC lathes. They are used in a variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, electronic instruments and industrial equipment. Brass cnc machined parts and turned parts are commonly used in applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance. They are also used in applications that require electrical conductivity, such as electrical connectors and switches. Brass machined parts  are CNC machining precision parts that can be made in any size or shape and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Why Use Our Brass CNC Turning Service Precision CNC Turned Brass Accessories

Our high quality CNC turning services are ideal for producing high precision CNC turned parts with complex shapes and tight tolerances.

Our CNC turning services are capable of machining parts with intricate details and complex geometries, making them ideal for machining parts for a wide range of applications.

Our CNC turning services are also equipped with advanced features such as automatic tool changers, live tooling and sub-spindle capabilities, allowing us to quickly and efficiently produce CNC lathed parts in a variety of materials.

Additionally, our experienced machinists are able to program and operate CNC lathes proficiently to produce CNC lathe parts with a high level of precision, optimum finish and quality.

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

Upload your 3D and 2D drawings to us, and a quotation will be provided to you within 24 hours. Also our sales engineer will contact you directly regarding your rapid prototype and cnc machinery parts quote to ensure you have received the quotation and to answer your questions.

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