Zinc Die Casting

Like aluminum die casting, zinc die casting is the process of injecting liquid zinc alloy under high pressure into a steel die cast mold and ejected out the cast part once it is solidified. And the prototype zinc die casting parts are often trimmed at the parting line to remove burrs at tool seams. The zinc alloy die casting process is a ideal process to create sophisticated zinc metal parts in big batch. 


 The Benefits of Zinc Alloy Die Casting

With the development of technology, zinc alloy has been continuously optimized to solve the shortcomings of previous products and occupy an important position in the market. Therefore, more and more customers choose to use zinc alloy die castings. So what are the advantages of zinc alloy die castings?

1. High Accuracy: The dimensional accuracy, surface accuracy, and thin-walled castings of zinc alloy die castings are all very high. The cast parts are smooth and delicate,very suitable for the requirements of smooth products. Zinc alloy pressure die casting is dimensionally stable and highly convertible, and can also be used for producing complex products.

2. Mass production: high productivity. Some zinc alloy die castings can be cast thousands of times in eight hours and have a long service life.

3. Economical: Zinc alloy die castings have the advantages of smooth surface and no blisters, so they can be used directly without processing, which saves some processes and requires less processing. Because inheritance improves utilization and reduces workload, casting is also cheap.

4. Surface: The surface treatment of zinc alloy die castings is very convenient. It can be painted and electroplated, does not contain lead and cadmium, and is a green environmental protection material.

5.High tensile strength: Zinc alloy has strong centrifugal forming performance and good toughness, and can be cast into complex shapes.

Why Choose Ys Rapid As Your Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer/Companies?

  • From product design to manufacturing to packaging, YS is one of superior China pressure die casting manufacturers, with customers from various industries from electronics to automotive. 

  • YS Rapid provide comprehensive range of manufacturing solution. We can transform the most complex design specifications into final products. 

  • We can offer all range of zinc alloy die casting manufacturing services, from die casting mold design,mold manufacture and mold trial to zinc alloy parts casting, surface finishing , packaging and global delivery.

 Zinc Alloy Die Casting Process

High pressure zinc die casting procedures are carried out on automated machines capable of withstanding high pressures. Liquid melted metal is injected into a two-halves steel mold, the mold can be with single or multi cavities. 

Pressure zinc die casting’s mechanical properties are generally superior to other casting due to the rapid cooling and rapid solidification of the liquid metal as it contacts the cooler steel side. Zinc die casting can be done by both cold chamber and hot chamber casting processes:

  • Hot Chamber Die Casting

    In zinc hot chamber die casting procedure, the injection tool of hot chamber machine is immersed in the liquid metal in the heat-preserving melting crucible, and the injection parts are not connected directly to the base, but mounted on top of the crucible, after the metal solidify in the cavity of the die, extraction of the tracheal obstruction. The mold opens and ejects the casting part. The furnace is connected to the machine by a metal feed mechanism called a goose neck. The zinc hot chamber die casting process can manufacture 4 or 5 shots zinc cast parts per minute.

    The advantage of hot chamber zinc alloy die casting is that the production process is simple and efficient; It is less consumption and stable process. However, the press chamber and the injection punch are immersed in liquid metal for a long time, which affects the service life. Hot chamber machines are mostly used for die casting zinc alloy and other low-melting point alloy castings, but they are also used for die casting small aluminum and magnesium alloy die castings.

  • Cold Chamber Die Casting

    The cold chamber die casting method is the opposite of the hot chamber method. Cold chamber die casting machine is separated from the holding furnace. During die casting, the liquid metal is taken out from the holding furnace and poured into the cold chamber for die casting.

    Cold chamber die casting is a precision quality machining technique that can be used when metals cannot die cast by the hot chamber die casting process, including aluminum, magnesium, copper and zinc alloys with high alloy content.

 Applications of Zinc Alloy Die Casting

  • Zinc die casting parts are precision mechanical parts that are applied in various industries, including:

  • Audio Components

  • Automotive interior components

  • Construction machine components

  • Engines and other hood components

  • Agriculture Equipment Components

  • Medical Equipment components

  • Brake parts and systems

  • Air conditional components

  • Electrical housing parts

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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