Prototyping and Manufacturing Services for A Range of Industries

Offering Cutting-Edge Rapid Prototyping & CNC Machining Services for Various Industries

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the speed of product development has increasingly become the main contradiction of competition. Prototype production can effectively improve the speed of product development. Therefore, rapid prototypes and machined parts are widely used in the R&D and production of a wide range of industries.

YS Rapid is an experienced & professional rapid prototype and CNC machinery parts manufacturer in China. We utilize an array of rapid prototyping solutions such as cnc machining prototyping, vacuum casting prototyping, 3D printing prototyping, and rapid tooling prototyping to complete different projects from customers. We have offered excellent rapid prototyping parts and CNC machined parts to lots of customers in various industries, including medical, automotive, marine, agriculture, military, aerospace, consumer products, robotics & automation, electronics, and many other industries.

Let's find more specific details about how we work with various industries to provide rapid prototypes and machinery parts manufacturing solutions to accelerate the R&D speed with high-quality products.

Rapid Prototyping Services for Medical Devices
We provide high-quality customized medical prototype manufacturing solutions to meet the different needs of the medical device industry. No matter in just 1 piece, or small or bigger volume production, we complete it fast with high quality and competitive price.
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Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Solutions for Automotive
YS Rapid offers cost-effective rapid prototype manufacturing services for the automotive industry. Due to the different applications of the automotive part’s prototype, automotive prototyping involves various manufacturing services such as aluminum machining, acrylic machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, and molding.
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Outstanding Rapid Prototypes and Machined Parts Manufacturer for Marine Instruments
At YS Rapid, we offer reliable rapid prototype, metal machining parts, and plastic machining parts manufacturing services to meet the needs of the marine device industry with high quality, affordable price, and on-time delivery.
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CNC Machining Service and Sheet Metal Fabrication for Agricultural Industry
The R&D of agriculture equipment requires a range of rapid prototypes for testing. We supply turnkey rapid prototyping services including CNC machined prototypes, PU cast prototypes, 3D printed prototypes, and sheet metal prototyping parts for agriculture equipment.
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Rapid Prototyping Services for Defense & Military Product Innovation
We offer precision CNC machined parts, CNC-turned parts in various metal and plastic materials for military defense electronics products, which require precision and consistent CNC machining services.
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CNC Machining for the Aerospace Industry
We manufacture aerospace precision machined parts and prototype parts by CNC milling, turning, and drilling. Also produce sheet metal parts and rapid injection molded parts for aerospace components.
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Rapid Manufacturing Solution for Consumer Products
We provide turnkey prototyping and machining solutions to manufacture your consumer product prototypes within schedule, offering all services including CNC milling, CNC turning, vacuum casting, 3D printing, sheet metal prototyping, and surface finishes for metal and plastic products.
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CNC Machining Rapid Prototype for Robotic Industry
The development of robotics and automation heavily relies on rapid prototype manufacturing and mechanical machining. We offer multiple prototype manufacturing and machining solutions for Robotics and Automation, including rapid CNC machining, Rapid CNC Turning Service, Vacuum Casting Prototyping, proceed various surface finishes as per the requirement to perfect the robotics prototypes.
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Rapid Manufacturing Solutions for Electronics Industry
Electronics is an industry that commonly uses rapid prototypes. As market and user preferences change rapidly, it requires the electronic-making industry continues to innovate, and this requires continuous produce more new electronic prototypes. YS Rapid use different prototype manufacturing technique to meet the different needs of electronic product prototypes, including CNC machining, PU casting, 3D printing, and comprehensive surface finishes such as painting, printing, anodizing, and so on.
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