SLM 3D Printing

3D SLM is a technology that uses metal powder that is completely melted under the heat of a laser beam, then cooled and solidified to form a shape. The processes of the SLM and SLS parts are very similar. However, the process of SLM laser printing generally needs to add the support structure, and its main function is reflected in: 1) to undertake the next layer of unformed powder layer, to prevent the laser from scanning to the excessively thick metal powder layer and collapse; 2) because the powder is heated and melted during the forming process. After cooling, shrinkage stress will be generated inside, causing parts to warp, etc., and the supporting structure connects the formed part and the unformed part, which can effectively restrain this shrinkage and maintain the stress balance of the formed part.


How Does Metal Printing SLM 3D Printing Work?

SLM 3D printing technology is developed on the basis of SLS 3D printing, and the basic principles of these two precision quality machining technologies are similar. SLM technology requires complete melting of metal powder to form metal parts directly. Therefore, lasers with high power density are required. Before the laser beam starts to scan, the horizontal powder laying roller first spreads the metal powder on the substrate in the processing chamber, and then the laser beam will press on the current layer. The profile information selectively melts the powder on the substrate to process the profile of the current layer, then the lifting system can descend the distance of a layer thickness, roll the powder spreading roller, and then spread the metal powder on the processed current layer, and then the equipment adjusts into The next layer is processed, and so on, until the entire part is processed. The entire processing process is carried out in a vacuum or gas-protected processing chamber to prevent the metal from reacting with other gases at high temperatures.

 Why Choose SLM 3D Printing Technology?

  • At present, rapid manufacturing of complex metal parts is playing a significant role in the development of the aerospace and other high-tech industries and is popular among suppliers who offer 3D printing manufacturing services. SLM can directly produce metal parts with high density, high strength, high precision and good mechanical properties in any complex shape, speeding up manufacturing and reducing costs. What's more, SLM can make complex metal parts that cannot be machined by traditional manufacturing methods. The density of the standard metal processed by the SLM process exceeds 99%, and its good mechanical properties are comparable to the traditional process.

The Applications of SLM 3D Printing

  • Produce standard metal prototype for verifying appearance, assembly, and function test 

  • Creating Support parts, such as jigs, fixtures, etc.

  • Small batch parts production

The Benefits of SLM 3D Printing

  • Decrease production time and wasted materials.

  • Shorten the time of R&D, reduce time-to market. 

  • Flexible Production process

  • There is no limit to the shapes that can be manufactured.

  • It is very efficient and can print products and parts rapidly.

  • Affordable. It does not require expensive production equipment.

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Get in Touch With YS Rapid

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