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POM (also known as polyoxymethylene) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer. It has a good balance between mechanical properties and cost, and is widely used in the manufacture of gears and bearings. POM has excellent wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and good chemical resistance, and is suitable for CNC machining. The POM parts made by CNC machining can be used in many fields, such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and medical.

If you are looking for a POM CNC machining factory in China, YS Rapid is pleased to provide you with custom CNC Machining Parts from POM/Delrin material, we provide various Delrin POM machining including POM CNC milling, Delrin CNC turning, POM gear hobbing, etc.


Guide For Delrin / POM Plastic CNC Machining

As one of plastic machining materials, Polyoxymethylene homopolymer (POM) is an impact and abrasion resistant semi-crystalline thermoplastic used in a wide variety of machining applications. With its excellent material properties and high machinability, POM is very popular with product designers and CNC machinists.

POM is opaque in nature, but POM is available in a variety of colors. It has a density of 1.410-1.420 g/cm3, a crystallinity of 75-85%, and a melting point of 175°C.

POM is well suited for CNC machining such as POM milling and POM Lathing. It can also be cut with a laser cutting, and its pellets can also be used in injection molding and plastic extrusion.

The Characteristics of POM CNC Machining Materials & the Advantages of POM CNC Machining Parts.

  • Electrical characteristics

    POM has excellent thermal insulation properties and also has excellent mechanical strength. POM is a material that is very suitable for electronic components.

    POM CNC machined parts are precision mechanical parts that can also withstand substantial electrical stress, making them suitable for use as high voltage insulators. Its low moisture absorption also makes it an excellent material for keeping electronic components dry.

  • Mechanical strength

    POM has a tensile strength of 7000-9000 PSI, is very hard, has strong toughness, and is less dense than metal. POM CNC custom machined parts are suitable for lightweight parts that need to withstand high pressure.

  • Anti-fatigue

    POM is a very durable material with excellent resistance to fatigue failure in the temperature range of –40° to 80°C. In addition, its fatigue resistance is less affected by moisture, chemicals or solvents. This characteristic makes it an ideal material for CNC machining parts that need to withstand repeated impact and stress.

  • Impact resistance

    POM can withstand instantaneous impact without failure, mainly because it has extremely high toughness, and specially treated POM can provide better impact resistance.

  • Good dimensional stability

    Dimensional stability measures a material's ability to retain its normal dimensions after exposure to pressure, temperature, and other conditions during processing. POM does not deform during processing, is suitable for machining, and can achieve precise tolerances.

  • Friction properties

    Moving mechanical parts are usually lubricated to reduce the friction they create when they rub against each other. POM machined parts are inherently slippery and require no lubrication. This feature can be used as part of machinery where external lubricants may contaminate the product, such as food processing machines.

  • Sturdy

    The high tensile strength and durability of POM make it a suitable material for high stress applications. POM machined parts are so hard that they can even be used as a replacement for steel and aluminum machined parts.

  • Moisture-proof

    Even under the most humid conditions, POM absorbs very little water. This means it maintains its structural integrity and dimensional stability even in underwater applications.

  • Creep resistance

    POM is a very tough material that can withstand a lot of pressure without breaking. This outstanding durability enables POM's machined parts to be used in many industries.

  • electrical insulation

    POM is an excellent insulator. Due to this characteristic, POM machinery parts are used in many electronic products.

Disadvantages of POM materials

  • Low Adhesion: Due to its chemical resistance, POM does not adhere well to adhesives, resulting in difficult bonding. This also makes it difficult for POM machined parts to do surface treatment such as painting.

  • Flammable: POM is not self-extinguishing and will burn until there is no more oxygen. Fighting a POM fire requires a Class A fire extinguisher.

  • Heat Sensitivity: Machining POM parts at high temperatures can cause distortion.

Why Choose Our POM/Delrin CNC Machining Services

  • We are a precision machining manufacturer who has rich experience in POM CNC machining to ensure the accuracy and stability of machining.

  • Custom POM parts with complex structures can be produced

  • High-efficiency production and processing, reducing costs

  • Mass production of various types of customized POM parts is possible

  • Provide customers with accurate and high-quality custom POM parts in a short time frame

  • On-time delivery, one-stop instant service

Get in Touch With YS Rapid
Get in Touch With YS Rapid

Upload your 3D and 2D drawings to us, and a quotation will be provided to you within 24 hours. Also our sales engineer will contact you directly regarding your rapid prototype and cnc machinery parts quote to ensure you have received the quotation and to answer your questions.

FAQ for POM CNC Machining Services/Parts

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No! – No MOQ requirement! YS Rapid provides rapid prototyping and short-run production machining services for POM CNC machining and other CNC machining parts.

What types of design documents does YS Rapid need for quotation?

For 3D, please provide STEP, IGES or X_T format.

For 2D drawings please provide in PDF format.

What payment methods can YS Rapid accept?

Our payment method is mainly: wire transfer.

What general tolerances can your POM CNC machining achieve?

Unless otherwise specified, the tolerance of CNC machining POM plastic and other plastics is generally: +/- 0.05MM.

How quickly can I get my custom CNC POM parts?

The lead time for rapid prototype of POM parts is generally 1 week, and the lead time for mass production is generally 2-3 weeks. If it is very urgent, we can also provide express service.

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