Things Needs to Notice in CNC Machining Services Process

In CNC Machining Services, in order to ensure the the proper use of the machine and make sure the machined parts produced right as per requirement, this article show main details needs to notice during CNC machining Services process:

Things Needs to Notice in CNC Machining Services Process

1. Before each process of cnc machining service, it must be strictly confirmed that the installed tool is consistent with the program.

2. When installing the cutting tool, it is necessary to confirm whether the length of the tool and the selected clamping tool head are suitable.

3. It is forbidden to open the door when the machine tool is running to avoid flying knives or flying workpieces.

4. If the operator finds a tool collision during the processing, the operator must stop the machine immediately, such as pressing the "emergency stop" button or "reset key" button or setting the "feed rate" to zero, etc.

5. In the same workpiece, each tool setting should be kept in the same area to ensure the accuracy of the CNC machining center operation rules when the tool is connected.

6. If it is found that the machining allowance is too much during the processing, you must use "single segment" or "pause" to clear the X, Y, Z values, then manually mill them out, and then shake them back to the "zero point" to let it go by itself. run.

7. The operator is not allowed to leave the machine tool or check the operation status of the machine tool regularly during self-operation.

8. The aluminum slag in the machine tool should be cleaned before oil injection with the light knife to prevent the aluminum slag from absorbing oil.

9. Try to blow with air in the roughing program, and spray oil in the light knife program.

10. After the workpiece is off the machine, it must be cleaned and deburred in time.

11. When off duty, the operator must do a timely and accurate handover to ensure that the subsequent processing can be carried out normally.

12. Before shutting down, ensure that the tool magazine is in the original position, the XYZ axis is stopped in the center position, and turn off the power supply and the main power supply on the machine tool operation panel in turn.

13. In case of thunderstorm, the power supply must be cut off immediately to stop working.

In addition to the above points, there are many things that we need to pay attention to from time to time, including the proper use of the system and the regular maintenance of the cnc machine.

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