Electronic Plastic CNC Prototyping Manufacturing

In product R&D, product designer usually first make a plastic prototype according drawing to see the effect and detect whether the product design has any errors or deficiencies which need to be improved.

Last month, an Italian customer contacted YS trough internet to make 10 sets consumer electronics prototypes. After communication with customer, we learned that the products needs by several plastic materials like ABS, PMMA, PC, Silicone, and the parts needs to do white painting. We complete the project combining different processing ways: ABS plastic cnc machining, PMMA plastic cnc machining, PC plastic cnc turning, and vacuum casting for silicone parts. After polishing and assembly test carefully, the parts are painted as per customer requirement. The whole process of the 10sets electronics plastic prototyping just needs 7 days. Customer is happy with our high quality and efficiency.

Electronic Plastic Cnc Prototyping Manufacturing

If you need to find a plastic prototyping in China, YS rapid is your right choice for making your top quality rapid prototypes. YS Rapid has over 10 years of rapid prototyping experience, using multi-axis machine and advanced processing equipment to make sure your plastic cnc rapid prototyping manufacturing in high quality within schedule.

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