Five Items to Notice for Copper Parts CNC Lathing

When CNC lathing non-standard copper parts in the workshop, it is necessary to adjust and control the cnc lathe machines according to the customer's drawings, and some procedures need to be followed:


1. Before turning on the machine each time, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil pump behind the CNC lathe is sufficient, whether the air compressor is turned on, whether the mechanical oil used for the cutting fluid is sufficient, etc. At the same time, check whether each handle is in place, and run it slowly for five minutes to confirm that everything is normal before operating.

2. The chuck and collet should be fixed firmly, and the wrench cannot be placed on the chuck or collet when the CNC lathe machine is turned on. Firmly clamp the workpiece and tool, and the tool bar should not extend too far; when turning the small tool holder, stop the lathe to prevent the tool from colliding with the chuck, workpiece or scratching your hands.

3. When the workpiece is running, the operator cannot stand directly in front of the workpiece, cannot lean on the lathe, and cannot step on the oil pan. Use chip breakers and shields when cutting at high speeds. High-speed anti-braking is prohibited, and the lathe should be returned and stopped smoothly.

4. Use a brush or a special hook when removing copper shavings. When using a file to polish the workpiece, the right hand must be in front and the left hand behind; when using emery cloth to polish the workpiece, use tools such as "hand clamps" to prevent strangulation.

5. When the CNC lathe has not stopped steadily, it is not allowed to take or measure the workpiece on the front of the machine. When the CNC lathe is working, it is not allowed to open or remove the guard. When it is close to the end of get off work time, the CNC lathe should be cleaned and wiped, and the tailstock and sliding crate should be returned to the right end of the machine tool.


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